Singapore Visa and Singapore Work Pass

The relocation of key employees and their families may be one of the most critical phases of an overseas investment.

As a result, we not only offer work visa application services but also create strategic planning for various types of work and residence visa application in Singapore.

On a preliminary note, please be informed that a foreigner is not allowed to work in Singapore unless he is a Permanent Resident or holds one of the relevant Work Passes approved by the Ministry of Manpower.

Singapore Permanent Residence (Global Investor Programme)

An investor interested to invest in or start-up a business in Singapore may apply for Singapore Permanent Residence (PR) under the Global Investor Programme (GIP).

The investor must choose to (i) invest S$2.5m into a new business entity or expand an existing business operation or (ii) invest S$2.5m into an approved fund which invest into Singapore businesses. Furthermore, the applicant must demonstrate a substantial business record and a substantial entrepreneurial background.

Singapore Entrepreneur Pass

Entrepreneurs willing to start a new business in Singapore are required to apply for an Entrepass. However, in order to be obtain such EntrePass, they will be required to fulfil a precise list of criteria.

The entrepreneur must have incorporated a company since less than 6 months and the applicant must hold at least 30% of the shares. Further conditions will apply such as a minimum paid-up capital of S$50,000.

In addition to the above criteria, applicants will have to show evidence that their businesses meet at least one of these requirements which will be assessed on merits:

(i) Receives funding or investment from a recognised third-party Venture Capitalist (VC) or business angel who is accredited by a Singapore Government agency
(ii) Holds an Intellectual Property (IP) that is registered with an approved national IP institution
(iii) Has ongoing research collaboration with a research institution recognised by Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) or Institutes of Higher Learning in Singapore
(iv) Is an incubatee at a Singapore Government supported incubator

Singapore Employment Pass

The Employment Pass is the most widely used type of passes for relocation of employees in Singapore. It applies for employees at managerial levels or with technical skills.

The employers applies on behalf of the employee and need to show that the employee holds acceptable qualifications and sufficient work experiences in the field he is hired for. Remuneration of the employee as well as the activity of the company is also assessed by the Ministry of Manpower in the application process.

It is strongly recommended for employers to be prepared to demonstrate the need to hire a foreigner.


Singapore Dependant Pass/ LTVP

Dependant Pass and LTVP are visas allowing the family of a Work Pass holder to remain in Singapore. Such passes do allow its holder to study but do not allow them to work in Singapore. In general, Dependant Pass and LTVP are only applicable to legally married or common law spouse and unmarried child under 21 year old.

However, should a company wishes to hire a Dependant Pass or a LTVP holder, they can apply for a letter of consent to the Ministry of Manpower.